Carson Lovell, Inc. - Real Estate Development

Ed CarsonEd Carson is a graduate of the University of Florida and came to the Pensacola area in 1985. He has operated Carson Construction since 1987 which engages in commercial building construction. Appointed to the Florida Building Commission by Gov Bush in 2000, he also serves on several charity boards as well as a bank board. Carson Construction specializes in the "recycling" of commercial properties that have been neglected or have environmental concerns.

Adrian Lovell Mr. Lovell graduated from Auburn University and came to Pensacola in 1979. Mr. Lovell is a structural engineer and spent 12 years working for Southern Prestressed Concrete, Inc. prior to starting his own structural engineering firm specializing in precast/prestressed concrete design and detailing. Mr. Lovell and his colleagues are registered in 38 states around the country. His experience in structural engineering has proved to be an asset in working with Carson Construction to revitalize properties which have been neglected and have environmental concerns.

Carson Lovell Incorporated
21 S. Tarragona Street, Suite 102, Pensacola, FL 32502
(850) 438-7778